New York, future Bitcoin capital of the world? This former US presidential candidate has big plans

Will New York take the lead? – With the recent actions of the mayor of Miami in favor of Bitcoin , we have every right to wonder if all this fervor is not ultimately a tool of propaganda. Today, it is Andrew Yang, former presidential candidate of the United States, who intends to make New York a “global hub” for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

New York, soon to be the capital of the financial world?

In an article by our colleagues at Cointelegraph, Andrew Yang tells us about his desire to use the crypto wave to raise New York City to the rank of capital of the financial world . To do this, it would, for example, reconsider the BitLicence , the very strict local legislative framework in force for several years.

To be fair, his announcement (in the form of a tweet) did not receive all positive reactions

It must be said that Bitcoin Loophole was hotly debated at the time of its introduction, and that it continues to be criticized today by some figures in the US crypto community.

With the fight against bureaucracy making a large consensus on the other side of the Atlantic, the victory will perhaps come from the legendary aversion of the Americans for legislation and the obstacles to their sacrosanct freedom of enterprise.

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